From Exhaustion to Tiredness to Complete and Utter Excitement

Merry Christmas from Fiona Andrews

Well, I have been back in the US for a month now and I’m still enjoying the novelty of hot showers, faucets with potable water, and pizza delivery. As incredible and beautiful as my time in India was, the holidays are a great time to be around those you love. But after a couple months away I feel like I have shed everything that was bad and am only left with the good!

When I moved to India, I was exhausted and thoroughly depleted from three years of constant stress. But when I left India, I was exhausted again. I had spent the first month and a half relaxing and stripping away the negativity I had harbored for the past few years with daily yoga, meditation, and pranayama – but then felt like I undid a good portion of that with eighteen hour train rides and bumpy, nauseating bus trips as I rapidly made my way from the very south of the country to the very north. I was no longer depleted, but I was simply tired – so I thought I would have no problem sleeping, eating, and just enjoying time with friends and family throughout the holiday season.

But as soon as I readjusted to life in the US, I had this incredible surge of energy. I love waking up every day. Everything I see looks like a gift of excitement, wrapped up in a cup of coffee or a cold drift of snow just for me to enjoy. When I used to get up to go to work every morning, I always felt like I was counting down the days until Friday – but now, I love Mondays the most. Now, I feel like I am doing it right. Every breath feels fresh and free and full of possibility!

My original plan upon returning to New Jersey was to just relax and enjoy the holidays before looking for work in the new year – but to no one’s surprise, I sat at home for exactly a day and a half before I grabbed a backpack and crashed with my boyfriend, closer to Manhattan. On the following Monday I began going to as many yoga classes as I could and within a week, put four classes on my regular schedule – with the promise of many more in the new year! Two are at Starseed and two are at Vida Wellness. Although I plan to eventually teach yoga full time, another week went by and a nagging sense of responsibility and my reluctance to be a freeloader began to take hold. So when I’m not working on my pincha mayurasana (or teaching other people how to), you can find me camped out at the local cafe consulting as a digital branding strategist & SEO specialist.

So it’s around this time when people start deciding how their lives are going to dramatically improve in 2014 because of all the amazing resolutions they will make. Well, I don’t like New Year’s resolutions. I’ve already made some massive shifts in my lifestyle this year, but it’s hard to argue that there isn’t a sense of freshness when the holiday madness has cleared and the calendar changes. So I’m not resolving to do anything in 2014 – but you can expect to see a lot more of me (in this country) on & off the mat!

Love & light to you and yours this holiday.