The Next Big Adventure

Since graduating last May, I’ve had many adventures including but not limited to sliding on glaciers in Iceland, hitting casinos in Vegas, climbing Macchu Picchu in Peru, buying a car, becoming a certified yoga instructor, riding steam trains, skinny dipping in Croatia, partying with the Scorpions in Prague, stowing away in Geneva, enduring a hurricane, bartending at strip clubs, running a half marathon, completing a tough mudder, baking my first pie, and having a full time job. I met so many awesome people and had so many thoroughly unforgettable experiences that it’s a little difficult to think about what comes next.

I’ve been working at Marketsmith, Inc for over two years now, after starting as an intern in the summer of 2011, telecommuting while at school, and graduating university a year early in order to return for a full-time position. I’ve learned so much and worked with some really special people on the skilled and talented Marketsmith team. I enjoyed my work and am so grateful for the many opportunities offered to me.

However, anyone who knows me (or really has even met me in passing) knows that I am not good at staying in one place for too long. I’ve been seeking out my next big adventure for awhile now, and I think I’ve found it.

fiona andrews yoga teacher

After completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Starseed Yoga and being privileged enough to have taught classes throughout the summer, I have decided to continue my training as a yoga teacher…in India. Because those who know me also know that I don’t do things halfway. I loved studying with the amazing teachers at the gorgeous Starseed studio, but this time I want to fully immerse myself in my practice as a full-time occupation. I will be staying at a shala in Kerala for a few months as I work towards my 500-hour certification, including 200 hours of Ashtanga and 100 hours of Therapy (which I will need after Ashtanga…hah!). I also hope that I will be able to restore this blog to its regular schedule while sharing what I learn as I study. If my previous trips to India are any indication, WiFi and electricity will be sporadic but nevertheless, I invite you to follow along (here, on Facebook, and on Twitter) on my next big adventure…I leave on the 6th of September.